The Homeless


You probably think of me as very weird for taking a picture of this cup, but you’ll know why after I explain it’s significance.

So this morning I wake up, eat breakfast and prepare for a day of sleeping by sleeping (as you do). I soon found myself bored out my mind as my on-off relationship with sleep continued, so I decided to get dressed and get some fresh air.

Now bear in mind how miserable British weather is, and winter wasn’t calling in any favours today, in fact it was cold with the sun’s glare baiting you in only to trap you in an everlasting sense of freezing terror.

After walking around the city centre I came across some homeless people, now me feeling a little disheartened to see people out in the cold like this I decided to get them something to drink, some coffee to warm them up, not the best but it was something I suppose, I went about my day with them in the back of my mind.

It’s sad that I was wearing shoes probably worth more (£50) than their entire set of clothes, not to mention my jacket which is a further £45 in the bank listening to music on my £160 phone on a £30 pair of headphones, all that excluding the rest of my clothes, and sure I may have had to save up it doesn’t mean that I have been materialistic enough to not value what I already had. As sure I don’t have the latest, swanky phone model but hey I have one right? I have a roof over my head and a comfy bed, and still there are stages where I’ve not felt like that was enough. I felt sickened and guilty when I was face to face with a man who lit up at the sight of a cheap cup of coffee…

Later on I did what I often do which was to give my food to a man and his dog to savour. Their source of food is much less guaranteed than mine and it’s important to “Love thy neighbour” whatever religious or ethnic background you come from.

All in all I think I had a pretty productive day don’t you think?

I hate the idea that homeless people are supposedly violent, nasty and selfish people, most of the time far from it, their selfishness is understandable as they are practically fighting for survival on a daily basis, homeless people can be really nice, you just have to look beyond the worn clothing and the washed out faces.

We all are blessed with the gift of life, and sure while we wish we could have more, it’d be nice to spare a thought for those who aren’t as blessed as you!

Think back to that empty cup of coffee and remember that one day you might find yourself far from the central heating and Saturday night TV.

Take Care!

-Blogger Haris



Double Standards 

When a man gives his opinion, he’s a man. When a woman gives her opinion, she’s a bitch.

-Bette Davis

See, if a girl cheats on a guy she’s labelled a ‘slut’ or a ‘whore’. i could go on but i’ve made my point, however there isn’t that much of a male equivalent, it can even be met with resounding cheers from a male’s drinking buddies as if the aim of the game was to take advantage of as many women as possible.

That’s not to say that women don’t or cannot make mistakes. I’m just using an example i think is clear and common in modern society.

You mostly see men partake in photoshoots which often include being topless for appeal, however if a woman was to do that the world would go into uproar. 

A good example is the Kim Kardashian incident where she took a picture of herself naked to promote anti-slut shaming and even though there was a clear message she was still met with a lot of negativity and verbal abuse.

I do not like it this way but historically Women have always been forced to take a back seat, the Man would always have control and women would always have duties to her children and tending to the house.

Why do you think Men usually are the ones to propose? 

It is their responsibility and their choice as to when to take the relationship to the next level.

So when a man flaunts his abs he is trying to send a message and can act as brash as he wants, however the woman is expected to be modest and wait till she is approached rather than being the one to initiate, almost as if women are fruit on a tree for males to pick. 

In my opinion that’s what the expectations boil down to, which is obviously wrong and need to be addressed, now i am not saying everyone should go topless every photoshoot, but you cannot be hypocritical in the sense that you are attacking someone for posing topless in a photo purely because they are a woman.

Note: I know this perspective is quite limited to Male and Female, i’m sorry in that regard but i didn’t want to delve into a topic that i wasn’t 100% confident with.

Thanks for understanding

-Blogger Haris

Narrow The Perspective

“Look at Hitler speeches and change Jew to Muslims, then think am i being racist?”

Nowadays it seems people are more than willing to pass the buck in much more than politics. Only so they can sleep at night without thinking of the races that they undermine and pretty much screw over.

What annoys me is people become ‘Sherlock’ and deduce it to a minority/ethnicity. 

Granted, groups such as the so-called Islamic State have brough tyranny right on our doorsteps but Terrorism in Islam makes up 0.06% of all muslims worldwide..

Yet people still call for the outcasting and banning of them entering countries, The US for example… Really contradicts the whole land of the free gimmick doesn’t it?

People should do their own research before blindly going along with the media and fueling the bandwagon of racism and oppression against the people they claim to be oppressed by.

I’m sick of people saying “oh i was helped by a muslim the other day, turns out they aren’t all that bad”. I mean yeah it’s not like they are humans and can exhibit compassion, that’s just for white people only, the higher class of society…

Which leads me to my next point..

Some of the wars and great periods of terror have all been due to  genetic mutations and pigments in our body…

That dictated the status of people, their income, their home, their lifestyles…

But that’s widening the perspective, what i’m talking about it narrowing it…

Look outside your door before investigating more!

Some food for thought i just made up for you! 

Hope you are all having a great day!

– Blogger Haris

Right Under Our Noses

“Let me get this straight.” He struggled to form the words. “You’re telling me all the conspiracy nuts are right? The Freemasons, the Illuminati, Area 51- all that shit’s real?”

– Laura Oliva, (Shades Below, #1)

 Yes, yes it is. 

Don’t mind me addressing the quote like my opinion dictates the conversation but however mad that makes me look, it is still pale in comparison to the ignorance of other people in the world today.

I mean let’s look at the US for example; 

Hilary Clinton Vs Donald Trump

That is like trying to decide your career at a young a- 

Ah wait we already have to do that…

What i’m trying to get at is, why is it the US are in this position, one side we have a lunatic and a fraud, the other side we have Donald Trump…

It is as bright as day how corrupt society is with presedential campaigns barely scraping the surface… 

Police brutality following a close second.

I don’t understand how switched off people can be! 

After the countless incidents that have occured how is it that american citizens still turn a blind eye at the blindingly obvious truth that is taking place all across the states.

Why is it we still stand by and watch the new incidents roll onto our facebook feeds for us to talk of action but never carrying it out.


Side Note: I’ll probably make a follow up to this as the topic is huge and i have a lot more to cover on the matter. Regardless hope you all enjoyed this! 

– Blogger Haris


“One day, whether you are 14, 28 or 65,you will stumble upon someone who will start a fire in you that cannot die. However, the saddest, most awful truth you will ever come to find––is they are not always with whom we spend our lives” – Beau Taplin, Hunting Season.

I don’t understand the concept of people saying you can’t have feelings at a young age. Yes while we may stress the phrase that is ‘I Love You’ i think it is safe to say that you can feel emotions for someone regardless of your age.

Now i am not saying that you are going to get 4 year olds going out on dates because they may feel love because that is completely irrational, however, what i am saying is that teenagers can feel love, in rare circumstances of course, some teenagers date because they can which does have it’s pros… The adults reading this will know about the changes teenagers go through at some point and that our minds can be a little unstable. 

Based on personal experience i know what my feelings are and not that they are just a hormonal and emotional teenager, (granted some of them were). 

I don’t like the fact that adults act like you can only love from a certain age, sure that is when it matters most but boy i cannot wait to get stressed about bills and income, shopping and barely making ends meet! 

(Note the sarcasm).

Just let us live life, if any thing this prepares us for the future where it does matter the most having already going through a “puppy love” version of it all.

– Blogger Haris

Practise What You Preach

“You cannot simultaneously prevent and prepare for war”

– Albert Einstein

Disclaimer: This blog may upset close minded people too scared to understand modern society.

So as of now I don’t have a title for this blog post, and over the course of writing it I will be thinking of a suitable title for it..

“At school, even in kindergarten, you teach us to behave in the world. You teach us:

* not to fight with others,
* to work things out,
* to respect others,
* to clean up our mess,
* not to hurt other creatures
* to share – not be greedy.”

This was taken from Severn Suzuki’s speech at the 1992 UN summit and although it was to do with a whole other topic. This does have validity in the argument I am going to put forward.

Like in the above excerpt mentioned, from a young age we are brought up to not be violent in our actions, to treat others with respect and be humble in life.

However, when beyond the literal playground that all goes to pieces as when we get to a room in which high-stake decisions are to be made, the basic social obligations are trodden on.

Gone are the days when an honest man can make his plight to an understanding, civilised audience..

We live through days in which lies and corruption are spited yet is the foundation for the rickety house that is society.

Referencing back to the Einstein quote I opened with, we are taught to not fight.. Yet are warned by politicians of the fact we are on the verge of all out war and then contradicting themselves by the encouragement of leaving the EU which means we lose out on valuable backing from other countries…

(Arguably financially but we have enough to fund a 100bn plus nuclear deterrent so I don’t know how poor we really are as a country).

Back onto my main point… we can’t be preaching against war whilst actively partaking.

Quick side note: I’m sorry for being away for quite sometimes, just too caught up in life.. Will try to be much more efficient as I have a lot of time on my hands at the moment..

– Blogger Haris








Liking And Loving : The Difference

“The hunger for love is much more difficult to remove than the hunger for bread.”

Ok, liking and loving what is the damn difference,


I Love You

I like You

Which means more?

Of course it’s love but these days it’s impossible to decide whether it’s love when you barely know each other. So to put it in perspective let me set the scene.

Through mutual friends you end up being introduced to the most ‘AMAZING’ person ever and you instantly fall into that trap of love at first sight,

let’s be real there is no such thing, you cannot claim to love someone on that level and for more than looks based on ‘first sight’ all you see is flesh and fabric nothing more….

It’s when you interact and actually get to know them is when you are able to dictate your feelings for someone.

Just remember that once you like someone but you don’t date them it doesn’t make them yours, it’s not like you can get offended when they like someone else so just bear that in mind next time you fantasise about them.

I am a real dipstick at all this and too be honest I almost have an excuse to be… I’m 14 for god’s sake, sure I am allowed to have a crush, for god’s sake I have a crush on a celebrity I’m that immature but in no way does that state there is a need for a serious relationship at my age, it’s safe to say I have a crush on a girl I barely know so that’s me for you. So I know this for definite.

Blogger Haris signing off….